Customs Union Conformity Certificate

Validity of the Customs Union Certificate

What to keep in mind when obtaining a certificate?

Products in our scope of accreditation

Validity of the Customs Union Certificate

A Customs Union Certificate of Conformity (CU Certificate) is a document that verifies conformity of products to the requirements established in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and is mandatory for importing, selling and using products in member countries of the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) without undergoing additional product certification under National Laws.

A CU Certificate does not require reissue in the form of a national certificate and is sufficient for the import, customs clearance and sale of the products specified in the certificate, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Technical Regulations for these products, or unless National Laws on radio frequency regulation and national industrial and fire safety apply to them.

What to keep in mind when obtaining a certificate

A Certificate of Conformity is issued either for a batch of products or for mass-produced products.

An applicant for product certification may be a legal entity (or private entrepreneur) registered in the Customs Union that is the manufacturer or seller (supplier), or acts for a foreign manufacturer under contract with the manufacturer with respect to assuring conformity of the supplied products and responsibility for their conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

It should also be noted that conformity of products must be confirmed for all TR CU that are applicable to them. The lack of a document assessing conformity to even one of the Technical Regulations means that the products have not been fully assessed for conformity to safety requirements and may not be sold, and results in administrative penalties for the seller in the form of a fine and seizure of the entire batch of products.


Products in our scope of accreditation

KAZEXPOAUDIT LLP is accredited to certify the following products:

food and light industry products;

perfumes and beauty products;

products for children and teenagers;


furniture and wooden products;

electrical products;

cable products

electronic and radio products;

explosion-proof equipment and parts;

communications facilities;


engineering products;

machinery and equipment;

personal protective equipment;

firearms and hunting knives.

Is consumer information in Kazakh and Russian mandatory

Consumer information and operating documents (instructions, operating manuals, data sheets and labels) are provided in the official language(s) of member countries of the Customs Union and in Russian, if this requirement is specified in even one of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union applicable to the given type of product.

Why is no expiry date shown on some certificates

The validity period of a certificate depends on the chosen certification scheme for the products and is set according to the Technical Regulations for these products. For example, no validity period is set for the certificate when a batch of electrical products is certified.

How do I make copies of a Customs Union Certificate of Conformity

If required, the applicant makes copies of issued certificates of conformity on white A4 paper (210 x 297 mm), authenticated with the applicant's signature and stamp (for an individual registered as a private entrepreneur – if available).

Do products for personal use need a certificate

A certificate of conformity is not required for single products imported by individuals for their own needs (personal use). Products imported for research purposes and tests, as souvenirs or promotional content, used products (except vehicles), sports equipment for sports teams, spare parts for repairs and maintenance of previously imported finished products (except vehicles), products imported temporarily, etc. also do not require a certificate.

How do I find out if a product must be certified

Products do not need to be certified if Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) currently in effect do not apply to them, or if the products are not within the scope of Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 367 of April 20, 2005, "On Mandatory Confirmation of Product Conformity in the Republic of Kazakhstan" and Decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 620 of April 7, 2011, "The Single List of Products Subject to Mandatory Conformity Assessment (Confirmation) in the Customs Union and the Issue of Single Documents".

An official letter stating that a product is not subject to certification for conformity to the requirements of TR CU and the State System of Technical Regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SSTR RK) is issued by the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry for Investments and Development of Republic of Kazakhstan. This so-called "exemption letter" is given in reply to the official request of a seller/supplier/manufacturer.

Do I need to provide samples to obtain a certificate and how many

Depending on the chosen certification scheme, collection of samples may be required for conducting tests as a mandatory stage in assessing conformity of the products to the requirements of Technical Regulations of the CU.

Exceptions are certification schemes based on analysis of submitted documents. The number of samples for tests is determined by the certification body in each case based on data on the size of a batch and the chosen certification scheme.

Is a Customs Union Certificate valid for exporting products abroad

A Customs Union Certificate of Conformity is valid only in member countries of the Customs Union. A certificate of origin of the goods and the documents specified by current laws of the country of destination are required to export products abroad.

What package of documents must be provided to obtain a certificate in general

accompanying documents (tax invoice, supply contract, cargo customs declaration);

operating documents for equipment (operating manual, specifications, safety case);

the manufacturer's test reports (if any, on request), ISO certificates;

the Applicant's certificates of title.

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